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    People and Careers
What we offer

We work hard to attract and retain the best global talent possible. We do this by providing a structured financial and non-financial reward and recognition system for our employee’s contribution and commitment to our objectives.

Our aim is to foster a welcoming culture that makes our staff want to turn up to work every day and contribute their best. We work to reward this by offering continuous improvement opportunities and lifestyle balance.

Our values

All of our employees must follow our Code of Conduct and display our values of the Kenkijin Spirit including:

  • Customer: We strive to understand our customers’ needs and solve their problems.
  • Communication: We work as a team, striving for collaboration within our business and with out shareholder, customers and partners. 
  • Challenge: We take on challenges without fear of failure, set touch but achievable goals and always look for ways to improve. 
Our culture

At Bradken we strive for a culture that is ‘Proud to Belong’

Employees and contractors who are PROUD to work for us,

Customers who are PROUD to buy and recommend our products,

Suppliers and partners who are PROUD to align their name to ours, and

A community that feels PROUD to have Bradken as a neighbour.

Diversity and inclusion

We’re committed to providing a work environment where the principles of diversity and equal opportunity are incorporated into all of our decisions and where everyone is treated equally and fairly at all times.

We believe that an inclusive and diverse workforce provides a variety of thought and is the key to our continued growth, improved productivity and performance.