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All Bradken manufacturing facilities and Regional Head Offices are certified to the ISO9001 Quality Management System and all Australian facilities are certified to the ISO14001 Environment Management System with most overseas facilities in the process of being certified.

Bradken provides products and services that conform to requirements agreed with our customers.

We are committed to continuous improvement through:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction through the identification of needs and achievement of expectations is Bradken’s primary objective. Management Policy is to provide all customers with products and services, which conform to contractual requirements and industry standards. Measurement of conformance prompts action to enable continual performance improvement.

Procedural Integration

Bradken maintains Corporate and Business operating procedures in a formal Management System. The system comprises an integrated structure. Bradken demonstrates commitment to comply and continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

International Compliance

The company Management System conforms to the requirements of International Quality System Standard ISO 9001 (2008) for all engineering and foundry facilities.

Management Responsibility

Effective control is established through the use of formally documented procedures. These describe the responsibilities of all company representatives who have the authority to intercede in the performance of work to ensure that products and services are compliant. The business plan is achieved through commitment and achievement of business goals and objectives.

Employee Responsibility

The assurance of quality is fundamental to all work undertaken by Bradken and is practised by all employees in their daily activities. As a consequence of the individual responsibilities for quality and job goals, all employees are encouraged to participate in and contribute to activities which ensure that products and services meet requirements and ensure continuous improvement.