We believe in keeping our corporate sustainability in balance by taking into account our governance, environmental and social responsibilities.

By implementing this philosophy across all parts of our business we create and maintain value for our customers, employees, other key stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

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  • We take a long-term, proactive and transparent approach to the improvement of our facilities and manufacturing processes in order to protect and minimise adverse environmental impacts on the varied environments in which we are based.

    We are proud that between 2010 and 2017 we have delivered:

    • A 36% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of product
    • A 44% reduction in waste tonnes generated per product, and
    • An increase from 37% to 50% of waste that is recycled.

    Many of our sites hold ISO 14001 certifications, including:


    • Runcorn – CEM20042 – first certified on 29th October 1998
    • Ipswich – C10204
    • Wodonga – C10142
    • Bassendean – C10131
    • Wundowie – EMS 40257


    • Coimbatore – IND14.6027U/Q/E/HS and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (IND14.9539/EN) external certification


    • Xuzhou – EMS40789

    North America

    • Atchison – EMS 40324
    • St Joseph – EMS 40324
  • The company operates a group wide Environmental Management System (EMS), which complies with the International Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and addresses, amongst other things:

    • energy and greenhouse gas emissions
    • noise
    • air emissions, and
    • the use, handling and disposal of hazardous substances and waste products.

    EMS Scope 


  • From our CEO through to individual employees working on site, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of all of our people. This is supported by a detailed, targeted and responsive health and wellbeing governance framework and management system.

    Our goal is to provide:

    • a safe and healthy work environment
    • practical tools and techniques for the assessment and consideration of health and wellbeing issues
    • access to expertise and resources to implement and maintain our health and wellbeing policies, standards and procedures
  • We recognise and value diverse perspectives and seek people who will passionately share their ideas and opinions. We stronly believe that diversity of thought, background, experience and lifestyle leads to better ideas, more innovative solutions and ultimately better customer outcomes.

    We set high expectations and trust our people to deliver extraordinary results and we take the time to recognise and celebrate when they do.


  • At Bradken, we care about our people and our environment and strive to meet our social, environmental, and community obligations.

    We care about the local communities in which we operate and continue to support these globally by:

    • managing our manufacturing operations in a safe and responsible manner
    • striving to minimise or eliminate all potential impacts on our neighbours
    • maintaining open lines of communication with neighbours, community groups and local authorities
    • providing support for a range of valuable community projects through our Respecting Our Communities Policy Statement and Building Better Communities program.


  • All Bradken manufacturing facilities offices are certified to the ISO9001 Quality Management System.

    We are committed to continuous improvement through:

    Customer Satisfaction
    We work closely with our customers to identify their needs and expectations and to check they have been fulfilled. Our policy is to provide all customers with products and services, which conform to contractual requirements and industry standards. Measurement of conformance prompts action to enable continual performance improvement.

    Procedural Integration
    We maintain Corporate and Business operating procedures in a formal management system. The system has an integrated structure and demonstrates commitment to comply and continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

    International Compliance
    The Bradken Management System conforms to the requirements of International Quality System Standard ISO 9001 (2008) for all engineering and foundry facilities.

    Management Responsibility
    Effective control is established through the use of formally documented procedures. These describe the responsibilities of all company representatives who have the authority to intercede in the performance of work to ensure that products and services are compliant.

    Employee Responsibility
    The assurance of quality is fundamental to all work undertaken by Bradken and is practised by all employees in their daily activities. Quality goals are set each year for all employees under the management system.

  • The ongoing improvement of our productivity is a key priority for Bradken in maintaining a sustainable business.

    We are working to measure our productivity growth over time and have built short, medium, and long-term productivity growth into our planning.

  • Our Executive Leadership Team and Board directs and monitors the business affairs of Bradken and is responsible for our overall corporate governance including leadership, and policies and practices designed to promote responsible management and conduct.

    As a  Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) business we align with them and their governance systems in relation to finance, procurement and Information Technology.