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Our History

Bradken 100 years in Operation

Our history is founded on Innovation, Growth and the ability to overcome Challenges.

To commemorate this achievement, we will be looking back throughout 2022 at the milestones and innovations we have created over the years.

Watch the message from our CEO Sean Winstone about this accomplishment below:

Building our Sustainable Future

At Bradken we aim to be a good corporate citizen and look for ways to reduce any adverse impacts of our operations. Our goal is to be operating at net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and we have adopted several environmental programs to help reduce our energy use, water and wastage.

We also care about our people, their safety and well-being as well as their communities, which we also work in. At Bradken, we strive to make sure that our workplace is a diverse and inclusive place to work. We maintain a focus on operating at an industry-leading quality, with excellent customer satisfaction, high productivity and good governance.

We’re building a sustainable future for Bradken so that we can continue to thrive, now and into the future.

Innovative Solutions

Delivering Innovative Solutions

Through focusing on innovation, we aim to improve our products, services and processes, and to never settle for less. Our Innovation Centre at Newcastle shapes and tests our latest ideas to keep workers safe, improve our products and deliver better outcomes for customers.

As we take on more digital ways of working, we’re developing new processes and products that use automation, artificial intelligence and new digital technologies to create further opportunities for customers to gain advantages.

We have strong partnerships around the world with research departments and universities which are helping to change the way we operate. Through our support for HunterWiSE, Puthri and City Makers, we’re proud to help build up a new generation of female innovators and engineers.

100 years of Growth

What began with a lucky bet, led to a bold new venture as a steel foundry in Alexandria, Sydney, Australia and the beginnings of Bradken in 1922. With its entrepreneurial spirit, and by meeting the needs of customers in more challenging markets, Bradken quickly established a name for itself in Australia and overseas.

Adapting and changing to markets through the Great Depression and World War II, Bradken revealed its true character as a company and thrived. Over the years the company has changed ownership several times and added several facilities around the world.

We are now part of the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group and a leading global provider of wear parts and services for the mining and resources sector as well as specialty products for energy, defense and industry.

Our Customer Partnerships

For us, there is no greater compliment than when a customer calls us their trusted partner. We strive to earn their trust by understanding their challenges and collaborating with them around solutions.

We consider ourselves part of our customer’s team and communicate with them with integrity and transparency. We’re not afraid to fail at trying, as long as we learn from the experience and look for ways to improve.

We’ve built many incredible partnerships globally with customers around the world and we are proud to play a part in their story too.

Celebrating our People and Culture

Ever since Leslie Bradford and Jim Kendall came together in Australia to forge Bradken, we have grown from strength to strength.

Our team has expanded into the Americas, Africa and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our leaders continue to foster a culture that helps us move forward, adapt and thrive.

Through a spirit of togetherness and a focus on improving what we do every day, we know we can handle any challenge that may come our way.

1st and 4th year apprentice Boilermakers from Bradken's Mt Thorley Mining Services workshop

Our Next 100 Years

Through wars, famine and changing fortunes, we’ve strengthened ourselves and forged a name for Bradken around the world.

Our resilience and our fortitude began with our founders and has flowed through everything we have already done. While nobody knows what comes next, we will continue to plan for the future and operate with the integrity and dedication as we always have.

We hope to leave our company and our planet in better hands as we look to future generations to see us through the next 100 years for Bradken. Our journey has only just begun.


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 Female Engineers at Bradken

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