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Bradken SmartLiner®

Beyond Smart.

Wireless wear monitoring. The safe and easy way to get data from your liners.

Our teams provide customers in the global mining and resources market with a comprehensive range of custom designed products for grinding mills and conveying equipment that are supported by technology solutions to assist with their asset management process, including our SmartLiner® solution.
By using Bradken SmartLiner® your operation will see improvements.
Bradken supplies customers with technology solutions that support their asset management process, via secure wear monitoring and reporting systems.

Bradken SmartLiner®

Cost Effective
Reduced Maintenance

Using Bradken Insite® analytics and wear reports you can accurately plan maintenance and reduce downtime.

Increased Efficiency

With live data from wireless SmartLiner you reduce the downtime from manual inspections of stockpile bins and inaccessible liners.

Man wearing PPE Safety equipment
Improved Safety

Operators access live wear data remotely online removing the need for manual inspection of hazardous chutes and hoppers.

How Bradken SmartLiner® Works

Wireless Smartliner sensors are embedded into Bradken liners. Our sensors are cloud connected via secure gateways directly to Bradken Insite, giving you access to wear data and reports at any time.
  • An embedded sensor measures wear and transmits data
  • Gateway receives and uploads data
  • Access data through Bradken Insite®
  • (Optional) Data feeds into a customer cloud or site DCS

Smartliner® Condition and Performance Monitoring

Bradken Insite® Portal

The Bradken Insite platform and the API, will display the data and allow analysis of wear product data showing product wear rates, which can be used to predict future purchases of Bradken products.

Woman looking at smartliner portal

Condition and Monitoring

Customers will analyse the RUL (Remaining Useful Life) of SmartLiners, based on the app’s data, they will then use this to make purchasing decisions about replacing SmartLiners for shut dates.

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