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Wear Pipe Range

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in providing wear pipe solutions and wear parts for high abrasion and impact environments in all areas of the plant.

Our wear pipe solutions include expansion barrels, telescoping spools that allow for thermal contraction and expansion of a slurry line, and cast products that provide custom chrome white iron and alloy castings.
Our smart wear monitoring system allows for remote monitoring of slurry piping and fixed assets. We offer fully engineered custom products for site-specific applications and comprehensive safety features designed specifically to prevent accidents.
Our commitment to sustainability and diversity makes us a trusted partner for all your wear piping needs.

Bradken Wear Pipe Solutions include:

CCO Piping

Bradken's CCO Piping solutions are designed to provide increased erosion resistance in aggressive environments. Our CCO Piping is a low-cost solution with short lead times, making it ideal for applications that require moderate impact resistance. The 1" wide oscillated bead running perpendicular to flow makes it easily repairable and modifiable in the field. Additionally, it is an excellent alternative to conventional carbon steel, providing increased durability and long-lasting performance.

DX Piping

When it comes to extreme erosion and impact environments, Bradken's DX Piping is the ideal solution. Our DX Piping is designed to provide superior wear and impact resistance, making it perfect for use in slurry piping systems that transfer a mixture of solids and liquids. Our years of experience in the wear piping business have allowed us to develop and refine our DX Piping, ensuring it performs to the highest standards in the most demanding environments.

High Chrome White Iron Piping

High Chrome White Iron Piping has fabricated pipe spool lined with casted chrome white iron (CWI) wear liner provides unparalleled protection against sliding abrasion and impact wear. Our CWI liners meet the strict requirements of Oil Sands Producers, ensuring maximum performance and longevity. With excellent impact wear resistance and corrosion resistance, our CWI piping can be configured to meet your exact specifications. Available in a range of sizes from NPS 10 up to NPS 36+, our CWI piping is the superior choice for high abrasion environments.

Expansion Barrel

An expansion barrel is a critical component in wear piping manufacture, as it enables piping networks to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction. The barrel is a machined telescoping piping assembly that is designed to be durable and long-lasting, providing a reliable solution for transporting slurry in harsh environments. By incorporating expansion barrels into the network, Bradken is able to ensure that wear is reduced and the overall lifespan of the piping system is extended.

Cast Products

Bradken offers cast products made with custom chrome white iron and alloy castings. With a global network of foundries, we ensure that our products meet high industry standards and are customized to meet specific client requirements. Our expertise and resources ensure that our cast products are of superior quality and delivered to meet our clients' expectations.

Neoprene Lined Pipe and Products

Bradken offers neoprene lined pipe and products for slurry piping systems that require protection against sliding abrasion and light impact from non-angular particles. The thick layer of neoprene provides 100% corrosion resistance and can be applied in various configurations such as bends. Different grades of neoprene are available to ensure the best solution is provided for each specific application.

Induction Pipe Bending

Bradken's Induction Pipe Bending service provides on-time delivery and the ability to adjust to changing priorities. We can control the bending schedule and provide custom designs for specific applications. Additionally, we have fabricated a water cooler/reservoir for added sustainability in the manufacturing process. Trust Bradken for your induction pipe bending needs.

Metallurgy Laboratory

Bradken Metallurgy Laboratory is an accredited lab with ISO 17025 certification since 2017. They specialize in testing metallics and abrasive wear solution products, including mechanical/destructive testing activities. They can achieve and report test results with a quick turnaround of less than 15 days, making them compliant with all oil sands end-user specifications. This ensures that customers receive top-quality products with guaranteed quality assurance.

Custom Wear Liner Solutions

Bradken's Custom Wear Liner Solutions provide upgraded wear liner packages for various asset components like pump boxes, hoppers, chutes, and bins. With the ability to 3D scan existing assets, custom wear packages can be designed to simplify installation and maintenance. The use of Discrete Element Modelling enables Bradken to predict high wear areas and bolster them with different wear materials such as overlaid plate, chrome white iron, and rubber ceramics. The high wear areas can also be remotely monitored using Bradken SmartLiner.

SmartLiner ® Wear Monitoring

Bradken's SmartLiner Wear Monitoring provides remote monitoring for slurry piping and fixed assets. Wireless sensors are embedded into the pipe in high wear areas, such as the leading/trailing edge and extrados, and can also be placed in high wear areas in bins, chutes, and hoppers. The sensors tell operators the remaining wear life via a Bradken app or online. They can be embedded in CCO, DX, CWI, and Neoprene lined products, providing valuable insight for maintenance planning and replacement schedules.

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