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Bradken is one of the leading ferrous-casting companies in the world. We work with a variety of cast materials including speciality irons, alloy steels and stainless steel and have the capability to produce castings up to and over 30,000 kilograms or 65,000 pounds.
Bradken has proven design and engineering expertise.  This, combined with a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, enables us to create a range of innovative and reliable products to support the global mining industry.  Our geographical diversity underpins our position as a world-class, cost-effective, high-quality foundry and heavy engineering company.
Bradken’s manufacturing facilities employ the latest technologies in product development, design, tooling manufacture, casting processes, robotics, machining and assembly.
Bradken has a broad wealth of technical expertise in a wide range of alloys and complex fabrication techniques, in addition to operational and field experience and ongoing dedicated research into material composition.
From engineered concept to finished product Bradken provides value for our customers by making highly engineered, complex, sand molded steel castings in an extensive range of cast steels.
Our casting capabilities include:
  • Castings up to and over 30,000 kilograms or 65,000 pounds
  • Steel castings, stainless steel castings (including duplex stainless steel), iron-chromium-nickel-molybdenum corrosion resistant and specialty irons
  • Argon Oxygen Decarburisation (AOD) – combining higher metallic yields with lower material costs allowing greater accuracy in chemistry control for carbon and rapid desulfurisation and resulting in a cleaner metal
  • CNC pattern making (wood, foam, aluminium and urethane)
  • Solidification modelling – cutting edge foundry modeling software ensuring highest quality through the 1st article process
  • Fabrication/weldments to casting and forging to casting conversions
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) – visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, X-Ray (including Linatron capabilities up to 22″ section thickness)
  • Value added services – rough and finish machining, hydro-testing, light fabrication and assembly
  • Project management for complex jobs
A global network and extensive capacity ensures security of supply now and into the future.

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