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High-quality, specialty castings for energy, defence and industry

Our North American based Specialty Products business manufactures highly engineered, large, complex, mission critical castings for customers in the specialised industrial and defense and rail and transit markets.

The business also manufactures parts for the global energy and power generation market, as well as military products for Tier 1 suppliers to the United States Government.
From engineered concept to finished product the business uses leading edge technology coupled with extensive industry experience  to provide customers with a full service offering.
Value added services:
  • Carbon, stainless and specialty steel castings
  • Patterns and tooling
  • Linatron X-ray capabilities for wall thicknesses beyond 6.5″
  • Nuclear certification
  • Machining and associated value added services
  • Assisted engineering (fabrication to cast; improving castability).

From engineered concept to finished product Bradken provides value for our customers in the Energy market by making high quality, complex engineered castings in a range of materials weighing as much as 55,000 lbs (25,000 kg).

Value add offerings include:

  • Concurrent engineering (fabrication to casting conversions, forging to casting conversions and improved castability)

  • Pattern making and tooling

  • Certified ASME nuclear material manufacturer

  •  Complete Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) facilities and Level III certified inspectors

  • Ancillary services (including machining and sub-assembly)

We offer a full range of materials including:

  • Carbon steels

  • Alloy steels

  • Stainless steels

  • Duplex stainless

  • Nickel based steels

Understanding and possessing the necessary qualifications is vital in being able to supply the exacting standards of the energy market. Understanding this, our facilities maintain a number of critical certifications and quality systems in addition to numerous customer specific certifications.

Bradken holds the following certifications:

  • ISO9001

  • Nuclear certification by ASME, QSC No. 204

  • ASME – Section III, NCA 3800 2001

  • DNV approved manufacturer of steel castings

  • Lloyds register certificate

  • CGP – Canadian government control goods program

  • ABS – American bureau of ship building

  • Navy Nuclear qualified to NAVSEA 250-1500

  • Approved to manufacture HY-80 and HY-100 castings by the department of the Navy

  • Off-shore oil & gas certified by numerous OEM’s and countries with material qualified to EN10225 and API RP2Z

  • In house ASNT level III non-destructive testing specialists

  • NACE

  • ASTM

We offer a full complement of testing and inspection services including:

  • Visual

  • Dimensional

  • Microstructure

  • Charpy impact

  • Chemical analysis

  • Ultrasonic testing (UT)

  • Radiographic testing (RT)

  • Liquid penetrant testing (LP)

  • Magnetic particle testing (MP)

The Specialty Products business is responsible for our foundries in London (Canada), Tacoma and Atchison (United States).

Location – Atchison, Kansas USA

Foundry type – Electric arc AOD furnace

Current capacity – 24,000T per annum.

Products – Locomotive rail and transit components and assemblies; mining, construction, industrial and military castings and general steel castings. 

Location – London, Ontario Canada

Foundry type – Induction

Current capacity – 4,000T per annum

Products and services – Highly engineered, large, complex, mission critical steel, stainless steel, grey iron, ductile and white iron products  for the energy, industrial and military markets. State of the art CNC Pattern shop. Extensive machining capability.

Location – Tacoma, Washington USA

Type – Electric arc AOD and induction furnace

Current capacity – 6,500T per annum. Casting net weight 100 to 48,000 lbs.

Products and services – Highly engineered large, complex, mission critical steel, stainless steel, duplex monel and nickel base castings for the energy, industrial and military markets. Full service pattern and machine shop.

Products and Services

Custom Castings

With over 150+ years of foundry experience to build from you can be assured Bradken will deliver the solution you require for your most demanding projects.

We work with a variety of cast materials including speciality irons, alloy steels and stainless steel and have the capability to produce castings up to and over 25,000 kilograms or 65,000 pounds.

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