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Gender Equality

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Bradken recognises the importance of creating a diverse, engaged and capable workforce. To further advance our inclusivity and diversity maturity, effort is currently focused on generating and creating an inclusive culture with an initial focus on attracting and developing our biggest diversity gap: females. To promote inclusion, we are adopting both a bottom-up and top-down approach to shift cultural norms.

Bradken Initiatives:
  • Leadership education program to provide tools and insights on how to effectively promote and deliver I&D in the workplace.
  • Consistent and unified approach to advertising roles at Bradken that ensure ads are gender neutral and inclusive.
  • Talent management program to embed the process of gender consideration in succession planning.
  • Women’s mentoring programs.
  • Identification of opportunities for equipment redesign (e.g. automation, re-tooling etc.) that could assist in overcoming barriers to diversity.
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