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Inclusion and Diversity


What makes you unique makes us great. 

Never satisfied with the status-quo we encourage and empower our people to speak up with their unique ideas and support them in doing so by providing a culture that welcomes, respects and nurtures them. With strong and clear leadership we continue to grow our business and are searching for people who are talented and inquisitive, confident and courageous to join our team and grow with us. 
As a global company Bradken is made up of an incredibly diverse workforce with people from a wide range of geographies, cultures and ethnicities. 
Our values of Customer, Challenge and Communication guide how we operate and drive us to be an inclusive organisation. However, we know we have much more work to do in becoming a workforce that is both diverse and inclusive across genders, and so that is our focus for the next three years.
We have taken the first steps.
In 2020 we launched an Inclusion and Diversity Committee spearheaded by the Executive Leadership Team. They are continually engaged in helping Bradken maintain focus on our values, and inclusive opportunities.
In 2021 we launched our Valued Heard Respected initiative asking for feedback on where we could improve our inclusion practices.
We engaged women at Bradken through surveys and focus groups to identify areas we need to take action to improve and recognise areas where we were already making progress. 
More of our people are engaging in flexible work arrangements, including working from home, allowing many of our people, both men and women to better balance work commitments and family life.
We continue to make progress on our gender pay gap with annual reviews and amendments.
Our people are being supported to build their education, understanding and capability around inclusion and unconscious bias.
To help us on our journey we are proud to be partnering with NAWO, Australia’s leading network for women in operations. Learn more about them here.  
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What makes Bradken a great place to work? Our people, of course! Hear from some of our global team members about their experiences working at Bradken.

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