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Carolina Wallis, Sales Support Coordinator from Santiago, Chile.

A driven problem-solver and people person with an eye for detail

Former Safety Champion Award Winner, STEAM Program advocate, Inclusion and Diversity Committee member and co-sponsor of the Women at Bradken initiative, Santiago-based Carolina embodies how passion can help you make positive impact in your role at Bradken.

One of the driving forces behind her career has been her ability to connect with people, some of which she attributes to having grown up as an Air-Force kid. Growing up while moving around Chile and the United Kingdom and being surrounded by people from a diverse range of backgrounds helped her learn how to relate to peoples’ diverse perspectives.

Carolina finished her tertiary studies in Business at a professional institute in Chile, and six months into her career took a 12-month break to take on caring responsibilities at home. Returning to her career in Customer Service, Carolina was headhunted by Bradken to join the growing South Americas Sales team in Santiago. That was seven years ago.
Taking us through her career journey at Bradken, Carolina says she began by “absorbing as much information as I could to understand my role within the company.” Developing a deep understanding of the big picture and the impact each part of the process can subsequently have allows her to successfully perform her role.
Carolina’s role as a Sales Support Coordinator is a vital one in supporting the Sales Managers; coordinating, supporting, problem-solving and mitigating any avoidable hinderances to the sales processes. Paying close attention to detail and forward-thinking, Carolina says a job well done in her role means every step of the process is kept moving smoothly from order through to delivery. “It’s a role that keeps things in order and possesses a lot of knowledge of the big picture, what we do, how we do it, processes, standard and compliance.” Carolina shares that she enjoys the fact that no one day is the same and the complexity and variety of the role keeps her engaged and thriving.

We’re like a big family here. We make an effort to connect and talk, laugh and support each other. We value relationships here. If you ask for help, you will get it.

- Carolina Wallis

Getting involved and building relationships

When describing the characteristics people at Bradken encompass, Carolina says: “Connected, dedicated, and driven. We’re like a big family here. We make an effort to connect and talk, laugh and support each other. We value relationships here. If you ask for help, you will get it.”

She believes that some key indicators to success at Bradken include self-leadership, being able to work independently and resourcefulness. “You can get involved in many initiatives and projects so you are able to make as much as you want of the opportunities available to you at Bradken. If you are self-driven, enjoy problem-solving, finding answers, with a keen willingness to learn and grow, this is the right place for you.”

When talking about what she loves about working at Bradken, Carolina shares: “We’re an open organisation so your ideas are heard, and your initiative is acknowledged, welcomed, and recognised.”
We asked Carolina if she thought there were any misconceptions that may hold people back from a career in the resources and manufacturing industry. She shared that people may assume that the amount of value you bring is determined by the seniority of your role. However, she knows firsthand the great value coordination roles bring in keeping the cogs turning to keep the process going.
About the industry she says “I personally really like the industry, I know sometimes people may have the misconception that any jobs in manufacturing must be exceptionally technical and being a male-dominated industry that it’s not a welcoming place for women. And while it can be challenging, it is also rewarding. I have had great support from my leader and been able to achieve through my determination.”
When asked what she is she’s excited about Carolina shares she’s looking forward to being able to travel again. “Bradken’s SAM (South Americas) regional teams are growing, and I am so excited to see the transition and growth of our teams here and opportunities and possibility the growth will bring!”

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