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Kirsty Morgan, Manufacturing Quality & Sustainability Projects Lead from Newcastle, Australia

Mechanical Engineer and sustainability superstar

During her career Newcastle-based Kirsty has built a breadth of experience through the roles, companies and locations she’s worked in and says her current role as CN2030 Project Director at Bradken is a particularly exciting one.

She explains engineering to her kids as “An Engineer is someone who makes a difference.” And that's exactly what she’s doing now. Kirsty says she finds fulfillment by seeing the positive impact her role can have working in a team that helps Bradken sites globally continuously improve processes and effectively produce quality products with a focus on sustainability.

Kirsty chose to study and begin her career in Mechanical Engineering as she was drawn to a career where “you could build things and see a tangible product that you were a part of creating.”
Her advice to anyone early in their career is to firstly choose a career that you are interested in and to get a wide range of exposure and experiences so that you can understand your piece of the puzzle in a bigger picture to do your job well. Having had a broad range of experiences and the opportunity to travel has allowed Kirsty to develop skills and experience to appreciate diverse perspectives. She shares that in her role at Bradken she has had the opportunity to work with teams globally and a key enabler to success is to be open minded and understand the other person’s perspective.
When talking about the people she works with at Bradken, Kirsty begins with the word “supportive”. She feels that at Bradken we aim to harness the wealth of collective knowledge and experience within the organisation. The organisational culture welcomes collaboration and cohesion, values firmly supported by open and approachable leadership.

Valuing the individual

Kirsty’s experience has been that our people’s sense of affinity to Bradken and their passion for their work drives their deep care for optimal outcomes. This same care draws people to work together and help each other out because they see a common goal and their role in Bradken’s success.

Amidst the trying times that COVID-19 brought for everyone, there’s been a lot of positive transformation in Bradken’s work environment. The shift to hybrid and flexible working has meant that “you can bring your whole self to work. We can easily talk about our lives outside of work and our families because the environment doesn’t feel so formal.”


We’ve got a strong legacy of 100 years behind us and I’m fortunate to be in a role that plays a part in shaping a sustainable future for Bradken so we’re here for many more generations to come.

- Kirsty Morgan
Talking about what helps people thrive at Bradken Kirsty shares “you need to be able to negotiate win-win outcomes in situations, so your communication skills are exceptionally important. As is being mindful of people’s priorities and being willing to help them help you. Working in a global company your flexibility and open mindedness will enable you to do your job effectively. You will often be problem solving with a group of people that are dispersed across time zones, geographies and cultures. You must be able to appreciate a diversity of perspectives and be open to listening to everyone’s ideas to get to the best solution.”
When asked about what she’s excited about Kirsty shares her passion for Bradken’s commitment to reach a carbon neutral footprint by 2030 to help Bradken succeed for generations to come.
“We’ve got a strong legacy of 100 years behind us and I’m fortunate to be in a role that plays a part in shaping a sustainable future for Bradken so that we’re here for many more generations to come. I know my kids care about sustainability and I can explain to them how my role is helping me make a positive impact. Should they choose a career in the future for themselves that follows a similar vein, I hope Bradken is an option for them in their career journeys as well.”

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