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Martha Hale Training Specialist from Tacoma, USA pictured with a trainee welder

Training Specialist extraordinaire, with a passion for teaching the next generation of welders.

From our site in Tacoma, USA, Martha has an infectiously vibrant energy about her with a wicked sense of humour. You can’t help but walk away with a smile after a conversation with her. She’s also fiercely driven and it’s clear she takes pride in her work. The ideal qualities for the person responsible for teaching and guiding our budding welders in training.

Taking us back to the start of her own career Martha shares that she started out studying an automotive course because “I thought it would be cool to build a car.... In my quest to do that, I came across Tig Welding. I had no idea what it was but as I was learning about it, I absolutely fell in love with it. I decided to enroll in a welding course and graduated with honours.” As she recounts her journey, her passion for welding is clear.
Following her graduation, Martha worked as a welder getting hands-on experience in the industry. Through those years, she aspired to one day share her passion for the profession through teaching welding. As she was looking for her next job, through serendipity or fate Martha received a phone call from her former welding teacher from college. He had known of Martha’s aspirations to teach , so he shared an opportunity with Martha to become a Certified Trainer in Welding. There began her journey to become certified to teach welding. Once certified Martha took on some contract roles, one of which led her to her current role as in-house Training Specialist at the Bradken Tacoma site.
In the simplest of terms Martha laughingly describes the role of a welder as “as making two metals stick together” and her role as a Training Specialist is to teach people to do that well. She adds a little more seriously that the welders are instrumental in helping produce quality products by putting the final touches on the products by refining any imperfections from the casting and production process, making sure the product meets standards before it leaves Bradken grounds.

Making a connection

Martha’s hands on experience as a welder earlier in her career brought enormous value to her current role. She says having the practical experience “allows me to connect with and meet my welders in training where they’re at.”

We asked her what it feels like to play such a pivotal part of people’s career journeys. “It feels like you’re a super-hero. When you get that list of welders who passed their certification, you get such a feeling of fulfillment because you know you’ve been a positive part of someone’s journey.” Martha shares that working at Bradken makes her feel “appreciated, important, needed, and valued. Your input is heard here. I know I can talk to my boss, and he will listen to what I have to say, and my ideas will be acted upon.”


It feels like you’re a super-hero. When you get that list of welders who passed their certification, you get such a feeling of fulfillment because you know you’ve been a positive part of someone’s journey.

- Martha Hale
Martha describes the people she works with as “brilliant, passionate and some of the smartest people I’ve met. I remember when I first started at Bradken, I didn’t feel scared to ask questions or approach people. People were easy to talk to and approachable. And I could learn from their experience and expertise.”
When asked about what she believes is needed to thrive at Bradken, Martha says: “You need open-mindedness, and you’ve got to have the will and the drive to learn and grow. Your passion and dedication will help you succeed. My advice is to show up, ask questions and build trust. Bradken is a company willing to invest in their people so there’s opportunity to learn and grow.”
Martha shared that what she’s most looking forward to is developing an apprenticeship program in the future. Her vision is to equip welders to be so meticulous that “the first time is the last time. I believe in being effective the first time by producing high quality work that no rework or wastage is required.” She believes by combining technical and practical knowledge, experience, and recognition of good performance you can empower people to take pride in their work and succeed.

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