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Marie-Claude Delorme, Sustainability Business Partner from Mont-Joli.

Sustainability Champion Driving Change at our Mont-Joli Foundry

With a background in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and a passion for preserving nature, Marie-Claude brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her role as the Sustainability Business Partner at Bradken’s foundry in Mont-Joli, Canada.

Originally from Saint-Hubert, a small town outside of Montreal in Quebec, she credits a childhood immersed in nature for sparking her passion for the environment and shaping her future career aspirations. “I grew up in a family where nature was important. We went hiking in the forest, camping and fishing when I was a child, and my early dream was to become a veterinarian because I loved animals and wanted to help them.”

Realising her aversion to needles and blood, she turned her academic attention toward the natural and applied sciences. An internship at the Mining Engineering lab of Polytechnique Montréal, a public research university affiliated with the Université de Montréal in Quebec, shifted her focus from engineering to environmental impacts, ultimately leading her to McGill University’s environmental program.
Before joining Bradken in 2021, Marie-Claude spent four years as an Urban Planning Inspector for the City of Mont-Joli. Because of this experience she knew a lot about the regulations that applied to the Bradken site, but very little about the foundry itself or the foundry environment in general.
“My first challenge in joining the team was to learn as much as I could about how the site operated. I asked so many questions! But the people I work with have great team spirit – they’re open-minded and solution-oriented, and because I was willing and interested to learn they were more than happy to help and share their wisdom with me.”
In her current role Marie-Claude plays a pivotal role in driving Bradken’s sustainability initiatives forward. She is responsible for not only ensuring environmental compliance for the Mont-Joli site, but also for fostering a culture of sustainability within the plant, collaborating with teams across the organisation, educating colleagues, promoting eco-friendly practices and spearheading initiatives to mitigate environmental impacts.
“When I first started, people were surprised to find me regularly rummaging through the garbage bins to make sure that our waste was being segregated correctly… they understand now, and I make sure to educate any new starters on what I’m doing and why it’s important. But I think it still gives people a laugh to see me digging through things!”
Marie-Claude Delorme, Sustainability Business Partner form Mont-Joli - hiking

For a Better Future

Asked what she enjoys most about her role as a Sustainability Business Partner, Marie-Claude says seeing the growing environmental consciousness among her colleagues is something she finds hugely satisfying. “For someone like me working in sustainability, our workplace is a veritable playground with its fair share of challenges, particularly given the location of the site in the center of the Mont-Joli township. But I can see the changes happening and the improvements we're making together - It makes me proud to know that what I’m doing is making a difference to the future of our site and our community.”

Looking ahead, she’s particularly excited about Bradken’s ambitious goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. “With 100% of the electricity we use at site already coming from renewable hydropower we're well on the way to achieving this, and who knows, to perhaps becoming Bradken's first carbon-neutral foundry.”


I can see the changes happening and the improvements we're making together - It makes me proud to know that what I’m doing is making a difference to the future of our site and our community.

- Marie-Claude Delorme
Outside of work, Marie-Claude leads an active life in Rimouski where she lives with her two shelter cats, Sushi and Dobby. Spending as much time as possible outdoors she is an avid trail runner and enjoys spending time training and caring for her quarter horse Luna. “I also like to read and recently took up landscape and wildlife photography.”
Working as part of a global business she’s often required to participate in meetings with team members located in different countries and time zones, engage with team members working day and night shifts at the site and balance these atypical work requirements with her interests and hobbies.
“Bradken is made up of people from all over the world so I’m really happy to have the ability to play around with my schedule and to have the option of working remotely from home one day a week. I’m a passionate and determined person both at work and in my personal life so this flexibility helps me fit in everything I want and need to do.”
Over the past year Marie-Claude has embraced opportunities to further her professional growth, participating alongside other women from inside and out of Bradken in a NAWO (National Association of Women in Operations) mentoring program. She was also selected to participate in the first ever cohort of Bradken’s FLEX (Future Leaders of Excellence) development program.
“I believe that’s part of what makes Bradken a great place to work. We have access to so many development opportunities and are encouraged and supported to further our skills and knowledge.”
Marie-Claude’s advice to prospective Bradken employees: “If you're passionate about making a difference, this is the place for you.” Her journey is a testament to the impact one dedicated individual can have on both a company and the environment.

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