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Nadiah Adlin Muhamad Azman - Graduate Trainee, Merlimau

Tenacious, bold and curious - this engineering graduate is thriving.

Less than a year ago Nadiah joined the team at Bradken’s foundry in Merlimau, Malaysia as a Graduate Trainee, having just completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mineral Resources Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia. As it is for many new graduates, crossing the threshold from student life into the realm of the working world has been a challenging time for her as she’s adapted to the intricacies of the fast-paced foundry environment. But her smile says it all – this bright and ambitious young professional is exactly where she wants to be and is ready to make her mark and carve out her path toward success in this new chapter of her life.

Education, and having a healthy respect for learning, has held an important place in Nadiah’s life right from the beginning. “I come from a family of teachers, not just my parents but my closest Aunt also, so I have immense respect for all educators out there since I grew up witnessing the gravity of their responsibilities and the positive influence and impact they have on their students.”
Despite this strong family connection to education, as a child Nadiah was always drawn towards a future career as an Engineer. “In elementary school we had to fill this form out every year asking us to choose three careers we were interested in pursuing. Of course, my selections changed from year to year, bouncing from one childhood dream to another, but one job I included consistently every year was Engineer.” She credits this largely to her interest in fixing things and pulling them apart to understand how they work.
The second of three siblings, she left her home in the countryside of Johor (a Malaysian peninsular state known for its rainforests and beaches) at 13 to attend boarding school and as she progressed through her high school years, she became more and more interested in STEM subjects, especially physics. From that point her career path was set.
Describing herself as a curious learner and an empath, Nadiah says being in tune with her experienced colleagues and watching and listening intently to what they do and say has made her learning journey with Bradken so far incredibly rewarding.
“The people I get to work with are deeply knowledgeable in their different areas and some of them even have decades of experience. I believe that to learn, you must first be a good listener and be able to reinforce any new knowledge with the real-life observation. Learning from my colleagues is something I look forward to every day.”
Her curiosity doesn't stop there, it extends to her interests outside of work where she's hooked on watching nature and crime documentaries. For Nadiah, these films are not merely a form of entertainment, but a gateway to understanding and a means to expand her perspective on both the beauty of nature and the depths of the human experience.
Nadiah Adlin Muhamad Azman from Merlimau

Versatility and Growth

Currently working on the second departmental rotation of her graduate training program in the pattern shop of Bradken’s Merlimau foundry, learning to work with 3D pattern making software, Nadiah says her experience so far has been both challenging and exciting. “I’ve always wanted to join a graduate program that would allow me to work with a wide range of people with different specialties and Bradken’s program is exactly that. It’s a great opportunity for me to grow, both professionally and personally.”

Her first rotation was with the foundry’s aftercast department where she worked on a project focused on achieving process efficiency for swing grinding and shotblast activities. “We conducted a comprehensive cycle time study to analyse the time it takes to complete each step in the fettling process while classifying them as either value add or non-value add activities. This data-driven approach helped us pinpoint areas for improvement and identify waste in the processes.”


Growth and innovation requires us to experience and respect failure so don’t be discouraged by making a mistake, I look at it as an opportunity to learn.

- Nadiah Adlin Muhamad Azman
At 24 years of age, and one of a small but growing group of women working on the workshop floor in Merlimau, Nadiah says her experience working at Bradken so far has been an empowering one.
“It was a little intimidating in the beginning, working with a predominantly male workforce, mostly because I wasn’t sure how I should communicate with the group to encourage collaboration. But I took it slow, allowed myself to get familiar with my surroundings, showed that I was there to learn from them and help where I could.
“Since those early days, the support, respect and recognition I’ve received particularly from my male colleagues has shattered any barriers, creating a collaborative and inclusive environment where my skills and contributions are valued. I’ve been encouraged to voice my opinions, take on leadership roles and set ambitious goals.”
Looking forward she says she’s excited about moving on to her third learning rotation in September 2023 working with the foundry’s technical team. She’s also eager to get involved in more projects aligned with Bradken’s sustainability and carbon neutral goals that will give her the opportunity to learn and collaborate with other colleagues across the broader business.
Nadiah Adlin Muhamad Azman from Merlimau

Failing Forward

Nadiah’s advice for peers looking to take their first steps into a career in a graduate role is to “be teachable” and resilient. Most importantly, she says to remember that being wrong sometimes isn’t a bad thing. “My experience is that it’s better to try and be wrong than to not try at all. Growth and innovation requires us to experience and respect failure so don’t be discouraged by making a mistake, I look at it as an opportunity to learn. That way, we can improve for the better, one step at a time.”

For young women looking to take on non-traditional careers, particularly in Malaysia where the mining and manufacturing industries are heavily male dominated, she says to remember that “we [women] are far more than what people assume of us. We are smart, intuitive and determined and can do and be anything we set our minds to.”


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