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Shailajaah Appaswamy, Vendor Maintenance Coordinator from Coimbatore, India.

Vendor Maintenance Coordinator and mum of two balancing work and life commitments with flair.

Shailajaah has been with Bradken for just under two years, working at our site in Coimbatore, India, and she tells us she’s excited for so many more years with us to come.

Taking us right back to the beginning of the journey that led her to her current role with Bradken, Shailajaah reflects that she’s grateful to have had a supportive family and teachers encouraging her from early on in life. Her teachers instilled in her the belief that making mistakes is part of the learning process while her father helped her build her confidence while improving her English proficiency.

At university Shailajaah completed post-graduate studies in Business Administration before taking a break to marry and have a family before starting her career. She shares that initially it was a little challenging breaking into the job market, but she was able to start out in a creative role in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) training. Shailajaah knew she wanted an admin role and in time she landed a role at Bradken doing just that.
“From the very beginning I was supported in how to do the work,” Shailajaah says. Her role as Vendor Maintenance Coordinator at Bradken involves managing vendor onboarding and amendment requests. It's a balance between ensuring all the correct and relevant information is gathered from our suppliers to meet compliance and administration needs, making them aware of our standards and requirements, as well as ensuring requests are processed in a timely manner for our internal customers to obtain the required materials and services to keep operations running.
When asked what she likes about working at Bradken, she answers “The people. They are so down to earth and supportive from the very beginning. I didn’t feel like I was left behind to figure things out when I first started, and my leader regularly checked in on me to make sure I was set up for success.” She adds “I look forward to coming to the office because the environment is so good. Even the little things are taken care of like the lighting in your workspace and refreshments for example, to make sure you’re comfortable at work.” Reflecting on her experience through COVID-19 she shares how reassuring it was to have had the flexibility to balance her work and life commitments as a mother of two kids.

I didn’t feel like I was left behind to figure things out when I first started, and my leader regularly checked in on me to make sure I was set up for success.

- Shailajaah Appaswamy

Openness and trust leads to growth and opportunity

Sharing her perspective on the characteristics for success at Bradken Shailajaah shares “You have to be dedicated and open to learning. Build trust with your manager and colleagues by taking initiative to get work done independently. We are an open organisation so being a team player and being collaborative is also important. You can grow as much as you want to. You are supported and appreciated for the work you do here.”

When asked what she thought people should know about working at Bradken, Shailajaah said “People assume that because it’s a male-dominated industry, it’s not a good place for women to work. When I first started working here, my in-laws used to worry and check in on my everyday to make sure I was safe and comfortable. We’re starting to get more women in the workplace which is great to see.”
With a radiant smile Shailajaah shared that she’s excited to thrive and grow with Bradken and is looking forward to a long and fulfilling career with us.

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