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Goal 4: Quality Education

At Bradken, we’re committed to giving back to the communities we work in, in a meaningful way. We focus on providing a brighter future for young women through STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) based education opportunities.

We partner with recognised educational organisations to deliver three programs, and in 2022 more than 150 girls participated in these positive educational experiences.

Puthri, Coimbatore, India

Puthri is India’s first developmental project seeking career intentionality amongst underprivileged females. Bradken has a five-year partnership with Puthri (2020-2025) to sponsor 100 girls between grades 8 to 12 at the Government Higher Secondary School, Chettipalayam, just 4km from our foundry in Coimbatore. The purpose is to assist girls in understanding their own capabilities, encourage them to stay in school and maintain their studies including STEM subjects, while developing skills for a successful career.

STEAM Girls, Moquegua, Peru

STEAM Girls, Moquegua, Peru

STEAM Girl Moquegua launched in March 2022, funded by Bradken and run by UNESCO Award winning City Makers. It’s an after-school program run through the Santa Fortunata school in Moquegua, in Southern Peru, aimed at providing enhanced STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) learning experiences for high school aged girls.

HunterWiSE, Newcastle AUSTRALIA

HunterWiSE, Newcastle, Australia

On Australia’s east coast, we partner with HunterWiSE – through the University of Newcastle (UoN) - to support future female STEM professionals through a 10-week High School Outreach program. The program provides female Year 8 students, the opportunity to work with STEM academics and mentors and engage with industry sponsors, to identify and develop creative solutions for local community issues.

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