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Case StudyNovember 23rd, 2021

Coal Power Generation Burner Barrel

Coal Power Generation Burner Barrel


Burner Barrel


Queensland, Australia


Coal Power Generation


Engineering and Supply


Due to a competitor’s supply chain complications, a leading Australian based energy provider was unable to have their burner barrels supplied in time for a pending shutdown. This part is a critical piece of plant equipment at a power station and is essential in managing energy production.
To re-schedule the shutdown posed significant challenges and would negatively impact the power station’s operational productivity, with an additional significant cost being incurred by the company, far-exceeding their original maintenance budget.


As a trusted advisor of the customer, Bradken was requested to reverse engineer the original part, design the casting and supply the required component to the site prior to shutdown commencing. To be successful, this would have to be done within a very short lead time and delivered to a tight time schedule.
This equipment delivery allowed the energy provider to continue with their scheduled shutdown as planned, without incurring additional cost to reschedule or attempt another shutdown at a later date.


The energy provider commented on Bradken’s support with the following from the site’s team; “It was definitely a very positive experience throughout the project.”
Key delivery points:
  • Delivery Schedule – Excellent
  • Engineering & Drafting Services – Suitable material recommendations for application and detailed drawings
  • Communication – Good
  • QA – Outstanding, Very detailed MDR
Overall great experience working with you, flexible to accommodate our ad-hoc requests, even during this critical time of uncertainties (COVID -19 world).
Greatly appreciated your efforts in making this project successful and delivering it on-time.”

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