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NewsFebruary 17th, 2022

Supporting the next generation of trade professionals

Four apprentice Boilermakers will swap their text books for trade certificates in 2022, completing their training and joining Bradken Australia’s Hunter Valley and Ipswich-based Mining Services team as fully qualified tradespeople.

1st and 4th year boilermaker apprentices, three male one female, wearing yellow hi-vis shirts with the Bradken logo on them

Four apprentice Boilermakers will swap their text books for trade certificates in 2022, completing their training and joining Bradken Australia’s Hunter Valley and Ipswich-based Mining Services team as fully qualified tradespeople.

In addition, three new apprentices - two of whom are women - have started work with the same team based at Bradken’s workshops in Ipswich, Queensland and Mt Thorley, in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.
Craig Lee, Executive General Manager – Manufacturing, said Bradken has a proud history of supporting young tradespeople through apprenticeships.
“Through an almost 20-year partnership with MIGAS (Manufacturing Industries Group Apprenticeship Scheme) Bradken has had the privilege of hosting a great number of apprentices many of whom have chosen to remain with us beyond their apprenticeships,” Mr Lee said.
“I am pleased to welcome our latest group of new apprentices and congratulate those completing their trades and taking the first steps into their new careers with us.
“At Bradken we are committed to supporting the communities we operate in and education is a key focus area of this support - hosting local apprentices, helping them learn, grow and develop skills that will carry them into the future, is an important part of that commitment.
“As we look to encourage the next generation of trade professionals, the need for inclusivity and diversity within our workforce, and our industry, is always front of mind.
“A more diverse workplace provides the range of perspective and innovative thinking we need to be a successful and sustainable business.
“It’s great to see that two of our three new Boilermaker apprentices this year are women. I look forward to hearing about their contributions and experiences over the next four years, and hope that their example will encourage more young women to seek out opportunities for a trade career in the future.”
Bradken-hosted apprentice Boilermakers develop skills in light and heavy fabrication, and compliant welding to Australian and international standards, over the course of the four-year apprenticeship program.
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Sam Freeman from Ipswich completed his Boilermaker apprenticeship in 2022

Sam Freeman

Boilermaker, Sam Freeman completed his apprenticeship at Bradken’s site in Ipswich, Queensland earlier this month and said the driving force behind his choice to pursue this career path was his Grandfather.

“As soon as I was old enough, my Grandfather had me out in the shed helping him with whatever project he had on the go which gave me a real appreciation for working with my hands,” Sam said.

Having joined Bradken half way through his apprenticeship, Sam said the whole team at Bradken’s Ipswich, Queensland workshop had gone out of their way to welcome him to the team and support him as he completed his qualifications.

“I thank everyone at Bradken, from the blokes on the floor to the team in the office, for making sure I got the right exposure to all aspects of the trade to become a capable and confident tradesman.”

1st year apprentice boilermaker from Ipswich (2022)

Abby-Lee Hammerich

19-year-old first year apprentice Boilermaker Abby-Lee Hammerich said the experience of her first few weeks at Bradken’s site in Ipswich, Queensland has been insightful.

“What I’ve liked most is how mentally stimulating the environment is,” Abby-Lee said.

“Being a young individual, watching and figuring out everything that’s going on around me feeds me with a yearning to want more, to want to learn more, do more and achieve more.”

Boilermaker Jye Jones completed his apprenticeship at Mt Thorley on 14 Feb 2022

Jye Jones

Despite a family background in the Carpentry trade, Jye Jones, 21, completed his apprenticeship and joined Bradken as a fully qualified Boilermaker in February 2022.

“I was never interested in going to university, I always knew I wanted to pursue a trade – not necessarily as a Boilermaker, but that’s kind of what I fell into and I’d say it’s worked out pretty well for me in the end,” Jye said.

“The people I work with at Bradken are great. They have been genuinely invested in me doing well and have made it really easy for me to learn and ask questions.”

1st year apprentice boilermaker at Mt Thorley Hayley Megahey (2022)

Hayley Megahey

First year apprentice Boilermaker Hayley Megahey, 19, said the support she’s received from the team at Bradken in the first few weeks of her apprenticeship has been both comforting and encouraging.

“I’ve only been here for a short time, but the team at Mt Thorley have been great,” Hayley said.

“I feel really comfortable being at site and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to speak to and learn from other people that have been in the trade for a while – they answer all my questions and give me really helpful advice.

“For example, I’ve been practicing my vertical-up welding and a couple of the team saw that I was struggling with the way I was holding the welder, and came over to give me advice on how to improve my technique.”

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