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NewsDecember 9th, 2021

Contributing to a greener mining environment

Our mill liners are helping to build a sustainable future

Contributing to a greener mining environment
Mining is critical to our way of life, and as the world becomes more aware of the challenges of global warming mining companies must take responsibility for their part in decarbonising their complete Value Chain.
As Bradken plays critical roles in many areas of this Value Chain it is incumbent upon us a business to make our contribution to achieving these goals.

We’re already taking steps to minimise our environmental impact.

Energy Sourcing

75% of all the energy required to manufacture our mill liners is now sourced from renewable resources e.g. wind, solar, hydro.

Mill Liner Recycled Material

>98% of all the materials used in the making of our mill liners is from returned liners and recycled materials. Contributing to a “greener” mining environment.


"We're committed, curious and want to be part of the solution. As we aim to be one of the earlier movers in our sector to become carbon neutral, we also hope to share our successes and learnings with others to help them on their path."

Pam Johnson - Global Sustainability Manager

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