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NewsAugust 15th, 2023

Bradken’s Carbon Neutral Roadmap

An animation to explain Bradken’s path to become carbon neutral by 2030

Bradken is on a path to protect our future by becoming carbon neutral by 2030, for Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We’re calling this project ‘CN2030’.
Last year we made our carbon neutral commitment, and now we’re well on our way to reaching our sustainability targets. That’s why we are investing over $50 million USD into capital projects and resources, along with prioritising our actions to achieve our goal.
Working in such an energy-intensive industry, we know it won’t be easy. But It’s important to our employees, stakeholders and customers that we care for our planet. And we never shy away from a challenge!
Being a sustainable company isn't just about climate change and supporting the environment. It's about creating a sustainable system for business processes, our people and the environments we work in based on efficiency, efficacy and circular business models.
By becoming carbon neutral, we will reduce our impact on the environment and help deliver an optimised future for our customers, communities and ourselves.
This animation provides a basic outline of what we’re doing to reach carbon neutral, and why it’s important.

Watch Bradken’s Carbon Neutral Roadmap animation- CN2030.

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