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Undercarriage Components

Crawler Shoes

Bradken crawler shoes are supported by Bradken’s patented ‘Pillar of Strength’ which provides greater structural integrity to prevent crushing of the roller path as the crawler shoes wear, maximising shoe life.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of crawler and undercarriage systems for mining machines over 200T. Over the past 25 years, we’ve manufactured and supplied more than 200,000 crawler shoes for mining customers worldwide.By focusing on our customers’ undercarriage requirements we are able to offer effective, site-specific solutions, that provide superior performance with minimal maintenance.

Our unique induction hardening processes achieve greater case depth than competitor products, resulting in greater wear life of these components. Our proprietary, through-hardened alloy, offers an alternative unique to Bradken undercarriage products, prolonging shoe life in systems that have sufficient space for interconnecting parts to wear. Finally, all Bradken undercarriage designs are optimised to maximise wear face contact areas, minimising contact pressure and reducing the detrimental effect of abrasive wear.

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Machine Availability

High toughness connecting pins are manufactured from induction hardened NiCrMo steel, resulting in reduced pin failures and unscheduled downtime thus increasing machine availability.Over the years, mine operations have experienced unscheduled downtime that is related to failure of connecting pins and hardware – even leading to crawler shoe failure. Bradken has applied the same design review principles to these aspects of our products ensuring there is no “Weakest Link”.

Craswler Shoe Render


Bradken ERS crawler shoes feature either induction hardened alloy or austenitic manganese steel providing superior wear resistance and increased service life for any mining application. State of the art design, materials selection and manufacturing processes equate to dependable performance.

Even in the worn condition, our shoes are designed to incorporate superior factors of safety, so that overload failure is less likely. This gives users confidence to change parts on condition rather than hours alone.

Compatible models for Hydraulic Excavator



EX2500/EX2600 EX3600 EX5500/EX5600 EX8000



6030/RH120E 6040/RH170 6050/RH200 6060/RH340 6090/RH400



R996B R9800



PC3000 PC4000 PC5500 PC7000 PC8000

Hydraulic Excavator Crawler Shoes

Hydraulic Excavator Crawler Shoes - Section View

Hydraulic Excavator Crawler Shoes - Section View

Hydraulic Excavator Crawler System

Hydraulic Excavator Crawler System

Hydraulic Excavator Crawler

Hydraulic Excavator Crawler

Compatible models for Electric Rope Shovel Crawler Shoes


2800A 2800XPA 2800XPB 2800XPC­ 4100A 4100C 4100XPB 4100XPC 4100WRP 4100BOSS 4100DELTA


7295/BE295 7495/BE495 7495HD 7495HR 7495HF BE495

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