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Crawler System Components

Front Idler

Front Idlers
Using our detailed understanding of the machine and its operation, the front idler assembly designs are optimised to handle high impact loads and feature improvements to the thrust and bearing surfaces. No modifications are needed to be made to the track frames however we do recommend that any track frame wear is repaired prior to assembly to prevent uneven loading and premature wear.
Increased Service Life
High quality castings provide increased impact resistance. Optimised internal components and high quality machining ensure design intended clearances are maintained for longer service life.
Ease of Installation
Fully compatible with OEM components and installation procedures.
Reduced Wear Rate
Induction hardening on key wear zones of Tumbler, Idler and axles are matched to mating components to reduce wear rates.

Crawler System Components - Idler

Crawler systems - Idler


Crawler System Component - Idler

Idler In Action

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