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By focusing on our customers’ undercarriage requirements, we are able to offer effective, site-specific solutions that provide superior performance with minimal maintenance.

Bradken's Wear Monitoring Services

Bradken’s Crawler System Monitoring Program

In order to continually improve our product offering and to help our customers achieve the maximum life expectancy from their undercarriage components, Bradken is able to offer a crawler system wear monitoring program.
This service assists mine operators and contractors to obtain an accurate assessment of the amount of wear on their undercarriage components, enabling prioritization of maintenance and remedial actions.

Lower TCO
Lower TCO

The overall result of wear monitoring is to extend the life of the assets and reduce the total cost of ownership

Life Extension
Life Extension

By monitoring wear on the undercarriage, a program can be implemented to achieve maximum life from all components.

Preventive Maintenance Service

The crawler systems monitoring program provides reliable life projections for maintenance and expenditure planning with confidence.

Refurbishment & Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring means that extremes of wear can be avoided allowing for the refurbishment of certain components.

Wear Characteristics Examination
Wear Characterisation

Wear monitoring allows Bradken to gain a greater understanding of the wear characteristics of specific machines and site condition combinations to improve site-specific product offerings.


We supply full Inspection Reports which provide details on equipment inspected and wear measurement summaries, along with equipment maintenance, service and replacement recommendations.

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