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AR Steel Plate


Bradken’s AR Steel (Q&T) provides an economic alternative to more exotic abrasion and impact resistant materials.

Bradken’s AR Steel is a heat-treated, quench and tempered (Q&T) steel designed for applications where high impact and moderate abrasion are the primary cause of failure.

Material Information
Bradken’s AR Steel (Q&T) is an abrasive-resistant quench and tempered steel plate. The controlled chemistry and heat treatment provide a superior microstructure for an excellent combination of toughness and wear resistance. Bradken’s AR Steel (Q&T) is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit a range of operating conditions. We supply a range of AR plate grades.
Abrasion Resistant steels can be adapted to suit custom applications through cutting, welding, machining and forming.
Bradken’s AR Steel can be welded in accordance with AS1554.4. It is recommended that the plate should be preheated for all thicknesses. No post heating is required.
Forming and Fabrication
AR Steel can be pressed or rolled into curved liners or pipes. Their high strength properties also allow for fabrication into finished parts such as transfer chutes, deflectors or sample station parts e.g. cutters. It is also possible to machine AR steels to create complex shapes or countersink fasteners.
Flame, plasma, laser, water-jet and machining are all viable forms of cutting AR Steels. The cutting method depends on the cutting parameters, accuracy and plate thickness.
Attachment Methods
  • AR Steel can be fabricated with welded studs in M16, M20 or M24
  • Countersunk holes can also be machined to suit M16, M20 or M24 bolts
  • AR Steels can also be perimeter or plug welded in place

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