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Mining Buckets

Face Shovel (Loader) Excavator

Unlocking the Power of Hydraulic Excavators with Bradken's Jaw Fronts and Doors.

Compatible with OEM Connections:
Bradken's Face Shovel (Loader) Excavator Buckets are a perfect match for OEM connections, engineered without the need for modifications, and using the Bradken cast lip system for ultimate fit and durability.
Large Capacities to Meet Your Demands:
Our standard offering provides bucket sizes ranging from 15m3 to >50m3 (19.6yd3 to >65.4yd3) capacities, while our customized range caters to the unique production and maintenance requirements of your specific site.
Tailored Solutions for Your Needs:
Bradken's buckets, wear packages, and Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are flexible and can be tailored for use in General Purpose or Mining Class XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) applications, ensuring that your equipment is always optimized for your operations.

History of Innovation in G.E.T in buckets

For over 60 years, Bradken has been a leading manufacturer and designer of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and buckets for the global mining market. Our expertise lies in producing high-quality products that are tailored to suit the diverse and challenging environments that the mining industry presents. Our product range includes custom-designed buckets for hydraulic excavators, face shovels and mining-class front-end loaders, with each product engineered for maximum efficiency and durability. We understand the critical importance of delivering products that can endure the toughest mining conditions and optimize production rates. Our commitment to excellence and safety ensures that we continue to be a trusted partner in the mining industry.

Bradken Mining Buckets Overview

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