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Twistlok® Range

We offer point designs to suit every application with our Twistlok® Range

The Bradken Twistlok®system features a positive locking point to adapter nose relationship, maximising fit surface contact to ensure even distribution of digging forces throughout the system.

Product Details


Bradken’s Twistlok® system is able to be placed immediately on any adapter with a helix style nose using our unique locking pin. Bradken believes the Twistlok® system offers superior performance in the most extreme conditions, with the locking pin’s unique metal and bonded rubber allowing for maximum positive retention throughout point life. Changing systems is unnecessary because the Twistlok point simply fits to your current adapter system with a helix style nose using the Bradken locking pin. Bradken can also design site specific points to suit your digging conditions.

Twistlok® GET Range - Plate Lip
product details


The additional benefits of using a full Bradken Twistlok® Plate Lip GET system is the added wear cap feature, which provides your adapter with additional protection, while providing you with a full range of point designs.

Twistlok® Pro is the next evolution in Bradken’s Plate Lip GET system for mining class excavators, rope shovels and front end loaders. Combined with Bradken’s design expertise in lip design.

Assembly of Twistlok® Pro - Hammer Free Technology

Twistlok® Pro Plate Lip system provides you with benefits including:

  • Fast and safe installation with hammer-free installation of the point and locking pin.
  • Prolonged adapter life with the inclusion (optional) of common wear caps on both the top and bottom leg, including straddle leg adapters.
  • Increased point life from improved point styles.
  • Safe removal of adapters with lifting points that are protected from material wash and damage.
  • Interchangeable with existing Twistlok® adapters and competitors with a helix style nose.
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