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VR Training and Hammer-Free GET Removal Tool

Our Hammer-Free GET Removal Solution incorporates immersive virtual reality training and a specialised toolkit that supports hammerless installation and removal of our Eclipse® cast lip GET.

Virtual Reality (VR) Training

The Bradken Hammer-Free GET Removal VR training module familiarizes operators with our GET products and educates them in the use of our tool kit so they can complete safer maintenance procedures when removing GET on our Eclipse Cast Lip GET.
This innovative technology allows for the training of staff prior to physically undertaking the task.
The VR training module provides:
  • Training in a safe realistic virtual environment
  • Step by step install and removal
  • Competency Report of the operator’s performance
  • LMS system integration for certification tracking

VR Hammer-Free Removal Tool

The specialised Bradken Hammer-Free GET Removal Tools improve safe handling practices for the hammerless installation and removal of points and adapters on Eclipse cast lip GET.
The Removal Tool kit eliminates the need for:
  • Hammers and hot work
  • Improves safety by removing crush potential during manual handling.
The tools are supplied in an easy to store toolbox, which can be conveniently stored in fleet vehicles or equipment.

VR GET Solutions

VR Training Hammer-Free Removal of Eclipse Cast Lip GET

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