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MillSafe® Combined Corner Liners

Bradken’s innovative Combined Corner Liner design improves reline safety and significantly reduces reline times.

The MillSafe® Combined Corner Liners:

  • Eliminate loose steel corner liners.

  • Remove all risk of injury to reline staff from loose steel corner liners.

  • Reduction in liners installed at major reline.

  • Reduction of liner mass to full liner set.

  • Protect corner of the mill shell.

  • Install shell liners or head liners independently of each other.

  • A prerequisite for autonomous relining.


Combined Corner Liners

Case Study - Elevating mill safety and reducing reline times with Bradken's MillSafe® Combined Corner Liners. Learn how our innovative combined corner liner design significantly reduced reline times, and decreased potential safety hazards at a customer's site.

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