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Sugar Wagon Auto Coupler

The Bradken BK49 Auto Coupler has been developed and patented by Bradken for use in the Sugar Industry on wagons from 4 to 15 tonne capacity to overcome the shortfalls in some traditional auto coupler designs.

Bradken’s superior design provides customers with the confidence that their increased rake lengths, larger wagon capacities and greater horsepower locomotives will safely stay connected through the tightest turns, across the worst intersections and up and down the steepest lines for many years to come.

All components are manufactured from high strength cast steel enabling the Auto Coupler to handle high impact loads whilst maintaining enough ductility for durable operation. The selected material also delivers excellent wear resistance in critical areas.

The BK49 Auto Coupler's patented design incorporates Bradken’s vast industry experience in both sugar and heavy haulage applications. Design enhancements have improved the draw and buff load capacities significantly. The incorporation of the radial buff face increases the allowable articulation thus providing increased resistance to jack-knifing under heavy buff conditions, significantly improving operation and safety.


  • Automatable Operation

  • Retrofit for existing cane bins with existing Auto Couplers

  • Increased articulation for tight turns

  • Increased stability under braking and buffing operations

  • Significant reduction of manual handing during installation with lifting lugs incorporated into the design

  • Increased contact face to improve product life

  • Suitable to replace existing ¾ Auto Couplers on Locomotives and Brake Vans

  • Less internal consumable wearing parts compared to the existing Auto Coupler

Bradken’s regional support provides full life cycle support for the BK49 auto coupler customization, installation and condition/performance monitoring.

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