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Bradken serves the Oil & Gas market through a wide range of capabilities supplying complex large steel castings, patterns, as well as tooling and machining services. We have extensive experience with castings utilized in Upstream, Midstream or Downstream activities. Bradken supplies a wide range of casting sizes and materials to support exploration, transporting & storage or refining.

Our foundries have the capability to provide a comprehensive range of castings, cast/fabrications and machining for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). In addition to our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) facilities and Level III Certified inspectors for MPE, LPE UE and RE we have a fully staffed Linatron facility in our Tacoma, Washington, USA facility. We are committed to the use of science, technology and craftsmanship to satisfy our customers’ needs.
Our dedicated Project Management team assures that projects of all sizes are fulfilled from concept to completion. From a single piece one-time order to complex multi-year contracts, our team has the experience required to execute the project.
Key products include:
  • Multi-Stage Case Castings
  • Single-Stage Case Castings
  • Split Case Castings
  • Body and Bonnet Castings
  • Conical Riser Receptacle Castings
  • Node Castings
  • Tendon Castings
  • Porch Castings

From engineered concept to finished product Bradken provides value for our customers by making highly engineered, complex, sand molded steel castings in an extensive range of cast steels.

Our capabilities include:

  • Castings up to and over 30,000 kilograms or 65,000 pounds

  • Steel castings, stainless steel castings (including duplex stainless steel), iron-chromium-nickel-molybdenum corrosion resistant and specialty irons

  • Argon Oxygen Decarburisation (AOD) – combining higher metallic yields with lower material costs allowing greater accuracy in chemistry control for carbon and rapid desulfurisation and resulting in a cleaner metal

  • CNC pattern making (wood, foam, aluminium and urethane)

  • Solidification modelling – cutting edge foundry modeling software ensuring highest quality through the 1st article process

  • Fabrication/weldments to casting and forging to casting conversions

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) – visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, X-Ray (including Linatron capabilities up to 22″ section thickness)

  • Value added services – rough and finish machining, hydro-testing, light fabrication and assembly

  • Project management for complex jobs

We offer an extensive range of steel and iron casting materials:

  • Carbon steel

  • Low/high alloy steel – ferritic and martensitic (for low-temperature service castings)

  • Stainless steel (including duplex stainless steel) – austenitic (for pressure containing and high-temperature service castings, precipitation hardening steel)

  • Iron-chromium-nickel-molybdenum – heat resistant steel

  • Corrosion-resistant steels and irons

  • Specialty irons

  • Market-specific steels for Military and off-shore markets (NAVSEA HY80 and HY100, proprietary specifications for structural oil tool and sub-sea)

Bradken possesses the necessary qualifications vital to supplying to the exacting standards of the complex steel casting markets our customers are involved in. Understanding this, our facilities maintain a number of critical certifications and quality systems in addition to customer specific certifications.

Bradken holds the following certifications:

  • Association of American Railroads (AAR) certified

  • ISO9001

  • Nuclear certification by ASME, QSC No. 204

  • CGP – Canadian government control goods program

  • ASME – Section III, NCA 3800 2001/QSC-204

  • Welders qualified under ASME Section IX

  • Welders and DNT personnel Navy Nuclear qualified to NAVSEA 250-1500 (Tech Pub 300 – approved letter by the Department of US Navy)

  • Materials approved to manufacture HY-80 and HY-100 castings by the department of the Navy

  • Off-shore oil and gas certified by numerous OEM’s and countries with material qualified to EN10225 and API RP2Z

  • In-house ASNT level III NDT specialists

  • Personnel qualified to NACE requirements

Bradken offers a full complement of testing and inspection services including:

  • In-house ASNT Level III Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

  • Radiographic Testing (RT) including Linatron capabilities up to 22″ section thickness

  • ASME Section III, NCA 3800 2001/QSC-204

  • Welders qualified under ASME Section IX

  • Welders and DNT personnel Navy Nuclear qualified to NAVSEA 250-1500 (Tech Pub 300 – approved letter by the Department of US Navy)

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