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DX Piping

DX Piping, manufactured by Bradken, is the ultimate solution for transporting slurry in the toughest of environments. Our DX Piping is engineered to withstand extreme erosion and impact, making it the ideal choice for locations that face these challenges. With its superior durability and wear-resistant properties, DX Piping is built to last, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal maintenance.

Main Purpose of DX Piping Includes:
  • Homogenous dispersion of tightly packed carbides from surface to fusion line for superior wear resistance.
  • Increased erosion resistance compared to chromium carbide overlays for enhanced durability in tough environments.
  • Easy repair and modification in the field for maximum uptime and minimal maintenance costs.
  • Predictable wear rates and end of life for better planning and cost control.
  • Utilizes the same application technology as CCO, allowing for quick turnaround and streamlined production.
  • Extremely resistant to impact, ensuring long-lasting performance even in the harshest of conditions.
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