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Wear Piping

High Chrome White Iron Piping

High Chrome White Iron Piping is a superior solution for protecting slurry piping systems against sliding abrasion and impact wear. Bradken's high-quality CWI liners are casted to ASTM A532 and meet the specification requirements of Oil Sands Producers. Compared to non-metallic liners, CWI is excellent for impact wear resistance due to the large, sharp particles. In addition to wear resistance, CWI offers excellent corrosion resistance. These spools can be configured as straights, bends, nozzles, wyes, and expansion barrels with sizes ranging from NPS 10 up to NPS 36+.

The Purpose of CWI includes:
  • Superior wear resistance in abrasion-prone environments.
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance in harsh chemical conditions.
  • Extended service life for reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity in mining operations.
  • Customizable designs for various applications.

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