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Metallurgy Laboratory

Bradken's Metallurgy Laboratory offers mechanical and destructive testing for metallics and abrasive wear solution products. Accredited to ISO 17025, it complies with all oil sands end-user specifications. Its features include abrasion resistance and Vickers hardness testing, metallurgical examination, tensile testing, and Charpy V-notch impact testing. The laboratory is capable of producing and reporting test results within a 15-day turnaround time. Chemical analysis of low and high alloy steels and wear products is also offered through optical emission spectroscopy. Bradken's metallurgy laboratory provides customers with high-quality testing, ensuring the reliability and durability of their products.

Purpose of Metallurgy Laboratory
  • Testing for metallics and wear solutions
  • Accurate test results in < 15 days
  • Compliant with Oil Sands specifications
  • Vickers hardness testing on various materials
  • Chemical analysis for low/high alloy steels.

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