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Matt Skourmallas-Capital Projects Manager CN2030, from Newcastle.

Blending a passion for engineering with a commitment to sustainability

As a kid growing up in the scenic town of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, a young Matt Skourmallas dared to dream big. He wanted to do something “cool” when he grew up, like explore the skies as an astronaut or pilot. But destiny took him on a different journey - one that led him to Bradken, first as a young Materials Engineering cadet. An important first step to now being part of a dedicated team of experts committed to protecting our future by helping Bradken achieve the big challenge of becoming carbon neutral by 2030*. For Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Raised by a Boilermaker turned Policeman father and a wonderful stay-at-home mother, Matt realised from a fairly young age that STEM work was going to be his path to a career. “It’s just how my brain worked. I’m a logical thinker so the math and science subjects where I could analyse how things worked were where I felt most at home at school.”
In fact, Matt says it was his high school Engineering teacher Mr Payne who, encouraged him to explore the Materials Sciences in more detail. With his support, Matt applied to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Materials) at the University of Wollongong, and this is where his meet-cute with Bradken happened.
“I technically joined Bradken in 2013 as part of the Bradken Work-Integrated Scholarship - a cadetship program that allowed me to combine my university studies with practical work experience at Bradken. The experience of working on the foundry floor and learning from experts in the pattern shop, the moulding team, the melting, heat treatment and aftercast departments had me hooked. So naturally when I was offered the opportunity to take on a graduate role at the end of my degree I said, sure!”
Matt packed up and moved to Adelaide, South Australia in 2017, along with his high school sweetheart (and future wife), to work as a Graduate Materials Engineer at the Bradken foundry there. Another interstate move followed 18 months later, this time to Bradken’s head office in Newcastle, having been given the opportunity to take on a new role as a Development Engineer.
“Both roles presented a variety of challenging experiences, but one of the most memorable for me was when, in my Development Engineer role, I was able to travel around the world training colleagues in a specification I’d created to improve the quality of Bradken’s mill and crusher liners. It was a wonderful opportunity that really broadened my mind.”
In 2020, Matt took some time away from Bradken to see what else the professional world had to offer, but a short few years later he found himself drawn back to Bradken’s culture and commitment to continuous improvement. He re-joined Bradken in May 2023 as part of the CN2030 Project team. “I hate making the same mistake twice and take pride in learning from my successes and failures. This was one of the biggest factors for me returning, knowing that there was alignment between me and Bradken on this point – it made me feel at home.”
Matt Skourmallas with CN2030 teammates Emma Levine (left) and Kirsty Morgan (right).

A Passion for the Planet

In his current role as the Capital Projects Manager, Matt oversees the work happening at our foundries and workshops around the world to electrify equipment and transition away from gas burning processes, and implement emissions reduction strategies to help Bradken achieve carbon neutral status. He says he finds it extremely satisfying to be able to merge his career with doing good for the planet.

“For me sustainability is a commonsense thing and wastefulness in any context is a pet-peeve. It’s no secret, the mining and foundry industries have been big contributors to carbon emissions, and our target is courageous, but we’re taking it one year at a time. I’m excited to help move Bradken towards being carbon neutral and find it personally and professionally rewarding to be making a positive impact not just for the business, but for our communities and the planet.”

*Matt pictured with CN2030 teammates Emma Levine, Senior Communications Specialist (left) and Kirsty Morgan, CN2030 Project Director (right).


I’m excited to help move Bradken towards being carbon neutral and find it personally and professionally rewarding to be making a positive impact not just for the business, but for our communities and the planet.

- Matt Skourmallas
Looking ahead, Matt is eagerly anticipating the installation and commissioning of Bradken’s first electric heat treatment ovens during the next 12 months—a crucial milestone in Bradken's journey to carbon neutrality. “I’m looking forward to these first few installs for the learning opportunity they present. I know I’ll be able to absorb a tonne of insights from these projects to better inform future electrification projects.”
Outside of work, Matt is an adventurer who enjoys walking, hiking and running. “A lot of my free time at the moment is spent in training for my second marathon… more than one qualifies me as a marathon runner, right?”
He describes himself as “easy to get along with” and chatting with him you quickly sense this comfort and familiarity. A people person with a calm yet contagious enthusiasm for his work, he thrives when given the chance to interact with and learn from his peers.
“The people you encounter at Bradken are brilliant and in my experience they’re always willing to help if you’re interested in learning. It’s something I really value about Bradken, that despite having a global workforce the business is great at encouraging collaborative learning and the subsequent sharing of that knowledge.
“It’s great when work doesn’t feel like a chore, and the people I work with really help to remind me of that.”
Matt Skourmallas pictured at University graduation

From the Ground Up

Taking it back to the beginning of his journey, Matt’s advice for others looking to start their career journey in a graduate role is to “apply, apply, apply!” He says having the opportunity to learn from the ground up as a graduate is something he’d encourage anyone to take advantage of.

“Getting exposure at the coal-face of the business as a graduate and spending time learning the operations and procedures on the ground where the work is happening is so worthwhile. These learnings provide a really strong foundation for any future roles - I know my experiences have helped me have confidence in my decisions, even today.”

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