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NewsJanuary 24th, 2024

The Path to a Sustainable Future: Graduates Leading the Charge

The global Bradken team is excited to welcome nine new faces as part of our refreshed Internship and Graduate Program, a development initiative dedicated to nurturing diverse talent throughout our operations.

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Pictured: Interns Saktheeswaran Sivakumar, Chitra Srinivasan and Sangeetha Rangarajan from Bradken' site in Coimbatore, India.
Designed to pave the way for a successful career journey with us, our comprehensive and accelerated graduate learning experience spans various facets of our business and industry.
The new cohort includes six graduates and three interns from diverse academic backgrounds aligned with our core business including metallurgy, material sciences, mechanical engineering, rubber technology, supply chain, and environmental studies, hailing from Australia, India, Malaysia and Canada.
Executive General Manager People and Culture, Andrew Fisher, said the program provided reciprocal benefits for Bradken and the participants.
“Bradken is on a growth journey and to get us where we need to go we need people who are talented and inquisitive, confident and courageous to join our team and grow with us,” Andrew said.
“We believe the fresh perspectives and expectations, unique ideas and up-to-date knowledge that graduates bring into our business will help move us in the right direction – towards a better and more sustainable future.
“It’s a mutual exchange where we help each other succeed and grow. We’re committed to providing meaningful exposure to what our global business has to offer including on-the-job training, mentoring and cross-functional projects that help develop their skills in line with their professional aspirations.”
Over the years Bradken people have had the benefit of interacting with many outstanding graduates and other team members in their early career and some remain with us today making valuable contributions to our day-to-day operations and key strategic projects. Hear from some of these team members: Voices of Bradken
“Our future is focused on serving mining customers with innovative solutions for their equipment wear challenges and we’re confident this latest group of graduates will use their learnings to help us do just that,” Andrew said.

Meet some of our Interns and Graduates below:

Bradken Graduate Hema Rathi from Merlimau, Malaysia

Hema Rathi

From: Merlimau, Malaysia
Field: Safety & Sustainability

"I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering Technology (Environmental). One of my proudest achievements during my studies was my final year project on the use of moringa oleifera seeds as a coagulant for groundwater treatment. My motto is to have no regrets, move forward, not look back and to trust the timing of your life."

Harsh Patel

From: Brisbane Australia
Field: Supply Chain Planning

"While completing my Mechanical Engineering degree I spent two months working in a foundry as an intern before doing my Master’s in Business with a major in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Wanting to better myself is what motivates me to keep going, to learn something new and to keep growing each day."

Sangeetha Rangarajan

From: Coimbatore, India
Field: Rubber Technology

"I’m confident that my internship at Bradken's Coimbatore foundry will provide me with valuable hands-on experience and exposure to cutting edge technologies. I’m eager to contribute my skills and learn from the talented professionals at Bradken."

Hrithvik Joshi

From: Toronto, Canada
Field: Product Development

"I have a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toronto. I graduated with Honours in 2023. My biggest motivation is the constant pursuit of facing and solving tougher challenges each day in both my personal and professional life. It has helped me grow personally, kept me focused and has always been the most fulfilling experience."

Graduate-Nadiah Adlin Muhamad Azman

From: Merlimau, Malaysia
Field: Manufacturing Administration (Technical)

"I hold a degree in Mineral Resources Engineering, and my motivation stems from the continuous pursuit of learning and applying my knowledge for more meaningful purposes, which I am still finding! My motto is to be teachable because you’re not always right."

Hear from Nadiaharrow-right

Sayed Parsa Sajedi

From: Bassendean, Australia
Field: Manufacturing Engineering

"I have a bachelor’s degree in science majoring in Solid Mechanics and Design and a Masters in Energy Conversion and Internal Combustion Engines. I enjoy competition, excellence, and striving to achieve goals, both common and individual."

Chitra Srinivasan

From: Coimbatore, India
Field: Metallurgy

"I’m excited to apply my theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. My long-term goal is to be involved in Bradken’s growth through my own innovations. I’m proud to be part of this program with Bradken."

Saktheeswaran Sivakumar

From: Coimbatore, India
Field: Mechanical Engineering

"I’m looking forward to learning and developing my skills and knowledge in the design, analysis and manufacturing process areas of the foundry industry. I hope to be an asset to Bradken."

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