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Case StudyJuly 29th, 2022

Bradken creates a game-changer for mill safety

MillSafe™ Bolting System

MillSafe™ Bolting System
The Bradken Mineral Processing team recently completed a successful first shell liner installation using its new innovative MillSafe™ Bolting System in a 31.5’ diameter SAG mill at a large nickel mining and concentrator operation in Western Australia.
Bradken is one of the world’s leading solution providers for mineral processing, having been in the foundry and mineral processing business for almost a century. During this time Bradken has accumulated a wealth of expertise and developed a strong commitment to developing safer and more efficient products and methods to support their customers. This includes a comprehensive range of custom-designed products for grinding mills, crushing and conveying equipment, along with expertise in a wide range of alloys and complex fabrication practices.

MillSafe Bolting System Install

Bradken’s Principal Product Manager, Craig Faulkner, was onsite for this milestone installation and noted the customer's team was extremely impressed with the safety and productivity benefits offered by the Bradken MillSafe™ Bolting System and team. The team delivers wear-resistant products and services that support mineral processing customers in the day-to-day operation of their processing plants, and also assists mines and ports in asset management and off-site repairs.
This combined with ongoing investment into new generation technology means Bradken’s operations use the latest techniques, technology and processes in product development, design, tooling manufacture, casting processes, robotics, machining and assembly.
The recent product development and installation at the large nickel mining and concentrator operation is a key milestone in Bradken’s ability to provide safer and more productive solutions in mill processing. Bradken supplied product and installation at the site’s SAG2 mill when it was down for a scheduled reline to replace worn shell liners with new double-wide integral shell liners, Bradken’s new MillSafe™ Bolting System was installed with the new safer, more efficient method.
After the installation was completed the customer indicated the new larger double-wide integral liners improved reline installation times significantly.
Our innovative product and installation method enabled us to complete the reline 20 hours ahead of schedule, improving productivity levels and predicted maintenance. This was coupled with the impressive safety benefits of using the MillSafe Bolting System, resulting in improved site safety.
Bradken has been commissioned to produce and install a second set of shell liners with MillSafe Bolting System for the SAG1 mill as a result of this successful project.
Developed to improve reline safety for maintenance operators, the MillSafe Bolting System takes people out of the danger zones inside the mill during relining – a process which is not only time-consuming, but hazardous for operators working in close proximity to 2,000kg steel liners in the confined space inside a mill.
The unique, innovative design developed by Bradken allows easy vertical or horizontal installation, positioning and alignment with liner bolt holes in a more efficient and safer process.

MillSafe™ Bolting System

The MillSafe Bolting System

Superior Design: The MillSafe Bolting System uses the Bradken Spherical Head Bolt design to provide optimal contact between bolt and casting. The bolt hole design also accommodates for misalignment between bolt, liner and mill shell.

Reducing Cost & Increasing Productivity: The bolting system combined with Liner Location Stripes (LLS) is safe and fast for liner installation and removal, allowing liners to easily separate from the mill shell once the bolt studs are removed from the outside.

Safe Application: Increased safety by bolting liners from outside the mill and removing people from the dangerous zones inside a grinding mill during mill relining.

Fast Facts:
  • Suitable for AG/SAG/BALL mills
  • Comes in metric and imperial grades of bolts
  • Uses the Bradken Spherical Head design for maximum head contact
  • Has positive bolt head seating with freedom of movement and self-alignment
  • Eliminates point & line loading over traditional oval head bolts
  • Liner placement is aided with Liner Location Stripes

“By installing the bolts from outside the mill, there is no need for maintenance operators to be located around/within the reline machine during liner positioning, making it a much safer practice”.

Craig Faulkner, Principal Product Manager

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