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MillSafe® Solutions


Bradken’s MillSafe® Solutions, incorporates innovative product development and installation processes to improve safety and efficiency when mill liners require relining.

Bradken continues to work with our partners to develop advanced universal worn liner removal and installation solutions to improve reline safety.
We are a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of mill and crusher liners for primary and secondary applications in the global mineral processing industry.
We offer our customers complete wear liner solutions for mills and crushers that increase performance, safety, equipment availability and lower maintenance costs.
Bradken’s focus is to innovate and provide a high level of engineered solutions to improve your mill safety, optimisation and performance.
Our MillSafe® Solution incorporates:
  • MillSafe®Bolting System
  • MillSafe® Backing on all liners
  • MillSafe® Combined Corner Liners
  • Liner Location Stripes
  • Universal Liner Removal Tool

MillSafe® Bolting System

Bradken’s MillSafe Bolting System is a safer and faster solution for liner installation and removal. Install your liners by bolting them from outside your grinding mill.

MillSafe® Backing

Bradken MillSafe Backing is designed to reduce costly maintenance delays to repair damaged rubber sheeting and improves reline safety and installation efficiency.

MillSafe® Combined Corner Liners

Bradken’s innovative combined corner liner design significantly reduces reline times.

MillSafe® Liner Location Stripes

Bradken’s MillSafe® Liner Location Stripes provide visual guidance to deliver a safer and more efficient liner install.

Carbon Neutral 2030 - Taking steps toward a more sustainable mining future

Our Mill Liners are already helping towards our 2030 Carbon Neutral goal through;

Energy Sourcing - 75% now sourced from renewable resources e.g. wind, solar, hydro.

Mill Liner Recycled Material - >98% of our mill liners is from returned liners and recycled materials.


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