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Case StudyNovember 23rd, 2021

Duaplate® DX

Duaplate® DX


Duaplate® DX Weld Overlay


Pilbara Region, WA, Australia


Chute: Lower Section of Surge Bin


Iron Ore Processing


Duaplate® DX Weld Overlay

Duaplate DX is a revolutionary weld overlay material engineered by Bradken to perform under the most extreme abrasive operating conditions. Duaplate DX is manufactured to our proprietary composition to create an incredible fine microstructure that provides a substantial improvement in the operational life over traditional chromium carbide based overlay.


Bradken’s Duaplate DX was trialed in the lower section of a surge bin, installed in an iron ore mine in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The bin was compared to an identical chute lined with Duaplate D80.

Trial Parameters

The DX chute was lined with 8mm overlay, whilst the D80 chute was lined with 9mm of overlay. The chutes were in service for 6 months and processed comparable material and tonnages. At the end of the 6-month trial period, the bins were removed from service and thickness testing was conducted to compare wear and impact performance between the two overlay materials.


Thickness testing data showed that similar locations were prone to high wear on both bins, however the DX material showed significantly less wear compared to the D80 material. In particular two areas were worn past the D80 overlay and through the mild steel fabrication. In the corresponding locations on the DX chute, there was still a minimum of 4mm of overlay, or 50% of the wear life remaining.

Proven Benefits

Duaplate DX site trials showed that:
  • Bradken’s new Duaplate DX has up to 2.5 times longer wear life than Duaplate D80.
  • 8mm of Duaplate DX is equivalent to at least 17mm of Duaplate D80 in sliding abrasion conditions.
  • 50% reduction in liner mass; giving a significant reduction in manual handling risks, therefore improving safety concerns.

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