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Case StudyNovember 23rd, 2021

Vulcabrix® ZTA Ceramic Liners

Vulcabrix® ZTA Ceramic Liners


Vulcabrix® ZTA Ceramic Liners


South West Region, WA


Flash Float Floor


Gold and Copper Ore Processing


Our customer, a large gold and copper mine, runs a wet plant for the processing of its ore.
Previously, a competitor has provided wear liners for a Flash Float Floor manufactured with 92% Alumina ceramic tiles. These wear liners had a service life of approximately 26 weeks, or two shut cycles.
The customer approached Bradken for a solution to extend the service life of the liners.


Bradken was familiar with the customer’s operational plant and processing environment and was therefore able to recommend and supply new liners which suited the harsh environment, they utilised their locally manufactured Vulcabrix ZTA (Zirconia Toughened Alumina) ceramic tiles.
Vulcabrix ZTA ceramics are a proven solution where increased service life is required in extreme abrasion and increased impact wear environments.


The Vulcabrix ZTA ceramic liners have been installed in the Flash Float Floor for 50 weeks and have more than 50% of their initial service life remaining.
These preliminary results estimate the service life of the Vulcabrix ZTA ceramic liners to be 100 weeks, or an increase of 285% in service life compared to the 92% Alumina ceramic liners, enough to last at least 7 shut cycles.
  • Overall the installation of the Vulcabrix ZTA ceramic liners has resulted in the following benefits for the customer: Improved Safety – Reduced frequency of conducting confined space and EWP work
  • Reduced Maintenance – Increased wear life leads to less relines and maintenance work needing to be conducted on-site,
  • Cost Savings – Less liners required therefore, presenting a cost saving to the customer.

Vulcabrix® ZTA Ceramic Liners

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