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NewsFebruary 27th, 2024

Climate Change Statement for 2024

Bradken Updates Climate Change Statement for 2024.

At the beginning of 2022 when Bradken committed to going carbon neutral by 2030, we knew it would be a massive feat.
But we also knew we had the support of our employees, customers and suppliers.
Two years down the path, we now have a clear roadmap and a designated team to help bring these changes to the business.
Our foundry and fabrication sites are all working hard to reduce their emissions through operational efficiencies and the business is sourcing renewable electricity from the regions that we operate in. Submetering allows us to track our progress and find potential improvement.
We’ve taken this opportunity to update our stakeholders on our renewed plan to reach carbon neutral with a new Climate Change Statement.
View and download the updated document below.

We’re already starting to build momentum and see positive changes across our sites globally. The business is committed to creating lasting positive changes that will fundamentally improve our environmental impact.

Kirsty Morgan, CN2030 Program Director

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