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NewsFebruary 12th, 2024

Embracing the Future: Welcoming Our Newest Apprentices

In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week (12-18 February), Bradken is excited to welcome a fresh wave of emerging tradespeople starting their early career journeys across our operations in Australia, Canada, the United States and India.

Five workers, four men and one woman, stand in a row. All are wearing blue coveralls with the Bradken logo on them.
Pictured left to right: Welding apprentices Zar Ni-Linn Saw, Talia Mullen, Luke Albers, Renato Rodriquez and Aram Kin Lun from Bradken's site in Edmonton, Canada.
This latest intake brings 22 new faces into our diverse cohort of apprentices, including women and men of varying levels of experience, ranging in age from 16 to 32, including our youngest recruit who is a school-based apprentice.
Darren Swinson, Bradken General Manager Manufacturing, said he was excited for the group, knowing the opportunities that lie ahead of them.
“At Bradken we recognise the value apprentices bring to our global workforce and the important role apprenticeships play in nurturing skilled professionals and creating sustainable business,” Darren said.
“We provide an encouraging environment for our apprentices where they can feel comfortable learning and perfecting their skills, discovering their potential and taking the steps to build a rewarding trade career.”
“This new group of apprentices have the benefit of being guided by some of our most skilled professionals, many of whom began their careers as apprentices themselves and are committed to passing on their knowledge and expertise. For them, this mentorship isn’t just about teaching practical skills, it’s also about passing on the core values of craftsmanship, quality and pride in your work and in Bradken.
“I congratulate and welcome our new group of apprentices and wish them all the best on the exciting journey ahead.”
Bradken is committed to developing new and existing talent. Our Apprenticeship and Internship and Graduate programs are just one way we support the education of future generations of skilled professionals in the communities we operate in.

Our newest apprentices:

Celina Isgrigg - Tacoma, Washington (United States) - Fabrication Welder Apprentice
Broc Sauer - London, Ontario (Canada) - Millwright Foundry Apprentice
Zar Ni-Linn Saw - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) - Welding Apprentice
Talia Mullen - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) - Welding Apprentice
Luke Albers - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) - Welding Apprentice
Renato Rodriquez - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) - Welding Apprentice
Aram Kin Lun - Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) - Welding Apprentice
Vasanth Shanmugam - Coimbatore, India - Melting Apprentice
Aravindhan Madhaiyan - Coimbatore, India - Aftercast Apprentice
Srisivaranjan Arjunan - Coimbatore, India - Pattern Apprentice
Ramkumar Ramasamy - Coimbatore, India - Molding Apprentice
Baluaswin G Rajamani - Coimbatore, India - Technical Apprentice
Tamilarasan Marusamy - Coimbatore, India - Maintenance Apprentice
Soniyagandhi Murugan - Coimbatore, India - Maintenance Apprentice
Sangeetha Karunanithi - Coimbatore, India - Maintenance Apprentice
Kevinraj Paulraj - Coimbatore, India - Maintenance Apprentice
Robbie Grima - Innisfail, Queensland (Australia) - Fitting and Turning Apprentice (School-based)
Xapheniah Tanner - Innisfail, Queensland (Australia) - Fitting and Turning Apprentice
Marcus Cini - Innisfail, Queensland (Australia) - Fabrication Apprentice
Riley Maslen - Ipswich, Queensland (Australia) - Boilermaker Apprentice
Carl Viljoen - Bassendean, Western Australia - Boilermaker Apprentice
Max Harvey - Mt Thorley, New South Wales (Australia) - Boilermaker Apprentice
Jeremy Harvey - Mt Thorley, New South Wales (Australia) - Boilermaker Apprentice
Max and Jeremy Harvey, identical twin brothers, first year apprentice boilermakers at Mt Thorley (2024)

Double the Dedication

In a unique twist to our 2024 Apprenticeship program, 17-year-old identical twin brothers Max and Jeremy Harvey have both the joined the team at our Mt Thorley Mining Services workshop in New South Wales, Australia.

The brothers were placed with us as first-year apprentice Boilermakers through MIGAS (Manufacturing Industries Group Apprenticeship Scheme), a group Bradken has successfully partnered with for more than 20 years.

Getting a six-month head start on his brother, Max was placed with Bradken in mid-2023. He says he already feels at home as part of our Mt Thorley team. “It’s been good, very different to school, but in a good way. Everyone’s easy to get along with and willing to help me out so I can get my jobs done and learn everything I need to be a good tradesman.” And despite having just a couple of weeks experience in the workshop, Jeremy agrees; “Everyone’s been really kind and if I’ve been not sure of what to do, they gladly jump in and show me the right way to do things.”

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