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Bradken® Undercarriage to fit 6060 Excavator

Bradken undercarriage solutions for 6060 excavators consistently achieve significant increases in wear life over the OEM undercarriage in the same conditions.

"Our experienced undercarriage team focuses on design enhancements that deliver tangible benefits for our customers."

Product Details

  • Specifically designed for mining class hydraulic excavators
  • Overall length: 9.2 meters
  • Overall height: 2.5 meters
  • Mass: 51T on each side.
  • The drive tumbler configuration features a dual roller path with 12 raised drive lugs and a bolted final drive interface.
  • Belt support includes seven load rollers and two return or carrier rollers, with a hydraulically tensioned front idler.
  • 42 crawler shoes per side, with two width options available: 1400mm and 1600mm

Design Differences

  • The crawler shoe material used in Bradken's proprietary AOD refined “BKC-400” is through-hardened to typically 420 BHN
  • Provides consistent, low wear rates throughout the life of the crawler shoes.
  • Bradken's wide roll path provides better roller support and reduces metal flow.
  • The pin lugs are strengthened and widened for greater strength and reduced pitch extension.
  • The engineered alloy used has excellent impact strength throughout the entire crawler shoe, reducing the chances of failure in the worn condition.
  • The optimised core design minimises stress in service and maximises heat treatment and mechanical properties.

Bradken continues to deliver around the globe.

Over the past five years we have delivered 6,874 Bradken 6060 shoes through 81 machine installations.

Delivery results between 2018-2022.


Wear Monitoring

  • Delivering complementary wear monitoring services and support.
  • Full-Site* undercarriage inspections to provide condition reports and wear trend data.
  • Condition-based maintenance advice and a fully informed replacement plan will improve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

* Mining class monoblock undercarriage >250t.

* Results based on most recent fitment of Bradken unbushed crawler shoes at a Coal mine. The Bradken fitment achieved approximately 30k hours compared with the first-fit OEM undercarriage life of approximately 15.5k hours.

Results based on 4 recent fitments of Bradken bushed crawler shoes at a Gold mine. The Bradken fitments achieved an average of 26k hours compared with the OEM fitments achieving an average of 16k hours.

~ Results based on 2 recent fitments of Bradken bushed crawler shoes at an Iron Ore mine. The Bradken fitments achieved approximately 26k hours compared with the OEM fitment life of approximately 20k hours.
# Bradken’s unbushed 6060 crawler shoe is preferred to reduce costs and eliminate bush failures for more than half of known mining applications.

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