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Bradken® Undercarriage for 6090 Machines

Bradken’s Wide Roller Path (WRP) reduces contact pressure, improving machine weight distribution factors, resulting in increased wear life.

Bradken® Undercarriage for 6090 Shovels- DRP Rollar Path

Bradken designs and manufactures undercarriage solutions that optimise customer operations, with a focus on the critical deliverable areas:

Improved Availability

Increase the time between heavy outages for undercarriage maintenance and change out.


With Bradken, you purchase direct from the manufacturer. Bradken has complete control over quality and consistency of the product.

Instant Wear Performance

Whether it be through-hardened or deep induction hardened, Bradken offers options to maximise your undercarriage performance.

Lifetime Savings

Over the course of the shovel’s life, Bradken estimates that two less undercarriages will be required when using the Bradken Wide Roller Path (WRP).

Reduce your crawler shoe contact pressure to extend your undercarriage wear life.

Bradken’s Wide Roller Path (WRP) innovative design reduces contact pressure by approximately 20%**, resulting in undercarriage wear life increase of up to 30%*.

Enhancements that deliver tangible benefits for our customers.


Wear Monitoring Services

> Delivering complimentary wear monitoring services and support.

> Full-Site*** undercarriage inspections to provide condition reports and wear trend data.

> Condition-based maintenance advice and a fully informed replacement plan will improve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

*** Mining class monoblock undercarriage >250t.

*Based on field performance comparison in the Oil Sands, Alberta Canada between the OEM and Bradken’s Wide Roller Path. After one year of service the roller path was approximately 40% worn, in comparison to the OEM undercarriage having a wear of 67% and there has been an average of 12% propel. The projected wear life is estimated to reach 18,000hrs with an increase in wear life of up to 30%.
**Calculations based on a comparison between Bradken DRP (OEM or Equivalent) and the new Bradken Wide Roller Path (WRP).

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